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The Redwood Falls Library Commission encourages the use of the library facility, which includes a meeting room that can be divided into two separate sections. Meetings may be scheduled three (3) months in advance. Special circumstances may be discussed with the Library Director.

  • Total Capacity - 73 people.


  • One person must be listed as the contact person.
  • Reservations are not effective until the deposit and rental fees (if applicable) are received and the User Agreement form or Rental Agreement is signed and received.
  • All groups will be responsible for cleaning up the room after their events. A checklist will be given to the group as they check in and it must be turned in to library staff for approval.
  • The deposit will be refunded if the checklist items are done, the checklist is turned in, library staff approve the cleanliness of the meeting room, and no damages to property or equipment have occurred.
  • Deposits may be picked up within one week following the event.
  • If damages occur and exceed the $25.00 deposit fee, the person responsible will be billed.


  • Category A - Government Agencies: City of Redwood Falls, county, state, school, political groups, eKclUding fund raising events.
  • Category B - Non-Profit Civic Groups
  • Category C - For-Profit and Social Groups
Category Deposit Fee Rental Fee 1-4 Hours Rental Fee 5 or More Hours

If equipment or connection problems occur which require outside technical support, and which are not a part of library error, the group will be responsible for all costs incurred. The library will not be responsible for problems arising from the use of laptops brought in from outside the library.


  1. The meeting room is NOT available on days when the library is closed, including holidays, Sundays, and Summer Saturdays.
  2. After hours meeting groups must leave the Meeting Room and bathrooms in the same conditions as prior to the meeting and all areas should be checked before leaving by the person in charge. Doors should be checked to make sure they are locked.
  3. No tape, staples, etc. should be attached in any way to the walls or ceiling.
  4. No smoking is allowed.
  5. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  6. Any and all damage done to the building or equipment by the renter, guests, or others present for the meeting/activity is the responsibility of the party who paid the deposit or rent. That party will be billed for items that need replacement or repair.
  7. Groups wishing to schedule more than a single meeting will be considered individually.
  8. Any group or individual who believes they have been unfairly denied use of the Meeting Room(s) or that their use has been unjustly limited, may submit a written grievance to the Library Commission through the Library Director for inclusion on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled commission meeting.


Food may be catered in. There is a small kitchenette with a microwave and small refrigerator. No utensils, dishes, etc. are available for use. A coffee pot has been donated for use in the meeting room and should be washed after using. Garbage should be bagged and left outside the Meeting Room door. Replacement bags are in the garbage basket under the current bag.

Policy adopted by Redwood Falls City Council, September 2007 Revised and approved by Library Commission May 19, 2014.

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