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Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy


The Redwood Falls Public Library provides free use of computers and access to the Internet for all in the communities we serve.   The library provides library-owned equipment, consisting of computers and printing capability for patron use, in addition to wireless access points, which allow patrons to use their own devices.

Computer Use Guidelines

  • Users must obey copyrights laws and licensing agreements.
  • Users may not change the settings and/or configuration, use non-library software, or save anything to the hard drive of a library workstation.
  • It is not acceptable to use the Library’s computers for any purpose which violates U.S. or state laws, to transmit obscene or harassing materials, or to interferes with or disrupt network users.
  • Users are financially responsible for any damage to the Library’s equipment, hardware, or software.
  • The Library’s Rules of Behavior on Library premises Policy apply to the behavior of patrons using library equipment and resources.
  • Minor children are allowed to use Library owned computers and wi-fi using a personal device.  Filters are installed to block information and materials that are considered obscene or harmful to minors.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for what their minor children access on the Internet.  Library staff cannot act on a parent/guardian’s behalf to monitor children’s internet access and usage.

Failure to follow this policy could result in revocation of library privileges.  Library staff are authorized to take prompt and appropriate actions to enforce the Rules of Conduct, and/or prohibit use by persons who fail to comply with the Internet Acceptable Use Policy as stated or implied herein.

Responsibility of the Library

The Redwood Falls Public Library is obligated to comply with Minnesota and Federal laws regarding the use of computer resources in the prevention of exposure to certain explicit images and material.  Patron computer use records are not permanently maintained.  The Redwood Falls Public Library will not reveal internet usage, any personal data or browsing unless it is required through court order.

Responsibility of the Patron

Free use of Library computers and wi-fi are encouraged with the understanding that it is the individual user’s responsibility to demonstrate judgment, respect for others, and appropriate conduct while using the Public Library resources.

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